Supremes to decide if Christians can be forced to violate their faith

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review a case centering on whether or not LGBT activists can force Christian organizations to violate their faith.

Catholic Social Services sued the city of Philadelphia for banning the religious agency from its foster program for refusing to place children with same-sex couples.

The clash erupted after the Supreme Court established a legal right to same-sex marriage in 2015. Many critics warned at the time that the rights of Christians to exercise their faith would be threatened, despite the Supreme Court’s affirmation that the First Amendment protects the right object to same-sex marriage on religious grounds.

One year ago, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals endorsed the city’s policy, and now Catholic Social Services has appealed to the Supreme Court.

“As the city of Philadelphia attempts to shamelessly score political points, dozens of beds remain empty and children are suffering the consequences,” said Lori Windham, senior counsel for the non-profit Becket, which is defending Catholic Social Services.

“It’s time for the Supreme Court to weigh in and allow faith-based agencies to continue doing what they do best: giving vulnerable children loving homes,” she said.


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  1. Don Clark
    Don Clark says:

    With freedom the Strongest and most powerful nation in the world because we also support Israel. GOD blesses this great giving nation… Stop this immorality or the Lord God will judge this nation and your vote….

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    Vote In November! That is something too many in the church have messed up where some see it was something of the world and some within the church are voting for these hard left politicians who have put these judges on the courts and I can’t stress more than ever to the entire Christian church it is your duty as a Christian to vote for the person who has views/voting record that is as close to Godly Biblical values as possible. Remember each and every person reading this if you are in Christ you’re a man or woman of God which means it’s so important that you vote and vote against these radical hard left politicians who are trying to transform the country into something you won’t even realize until it’s too late. I know the Republican party is far from perfect as I’m not crazy about some of the things they do however one thing we can count on is that they will put judges in the courts that are closer to Godly values something that will ripple down to your children and grandchildren and great children and if you care about the future environment of the children and the country be sure to vote in November. The Democrat party has completely gone radical and there is no longer any such thing as a moderate Democrat anymore. Remember you have a party voting against what God has placed marriage between a man and a woman, you have abortions into the 9 month, open borders let everyone in even if the criminals with records of violence and drugs, it’s all about votes and power which is why the hard left fights to remove anything that has to do with Christ/the Bible. The church must also rise up against these evil forces and protest. One thing I will say the hard left is very good at protesting while the church has become lazy. Remember in the Book of Revelation what Jesus said to the church that was luke warm, because you were neither hot or cold I will spit you out of mouth. Keep that in mind and go vote in November!

  3. Sylvia
    Sylvia says:

    We need to start caring more for those who know and love Jesus. There is too much apathy in society today. Even Christians who ignore the needs of others need to wake up. There are plenty of opportunities in which we can offer help to those in need. Stop being so selfish and afraid of what will happen to you if you choose to help someone out. The word of God says that if you don’t hear the cry of the poor? Then your cry will not be heard. And I am sooo sick and tired of those who judge and condemn others. I am a victim of such. I tell you one thing…If I were to become wealthy? I would give some of my money to the homeless organizations who are not that well funded. Also, let’s not forget the police. They are running low in funding and therefore can’t get enough funding to protect themselves against violent criminals. When I was in Texas; I saw on TV…policemen that were doing one of a good job fighting back against dangerous criminals. I rejoiced to know that there are those who are fearlessly fighting against what I consider terrorists. Right now, I am giving to my church; though I have given to many orgs recently and in the past. I am poor but do what I can in the community. I can be informative and people need info and also to know that you can fight back and make some leeway. Be encouraged if you care about what is going on in our country. Be a good soldier in Christ. Don’t allow fear to deter you from doing what is right. Do not speak evil of dignitaries. Just pray for them. God bless you all. And thank you end times for keeping us up to date in what is happening in our world.

  4. Corene Meridith
    Corene Meridith says:

    Children need to be protected they are vulnerable. Same sex couples cannot birth children together for a reason. Faith based agencies need to be allowed to continue to place children I’m protected homes with mother and father figures.


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