Supreme Court to consider same-sex marriage petition

November 2, 2015   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , ,

The US Supreme Court ruling this year that made same-sex marriages the law of the land inspired Hen Arieli and Imri Kalman, leaders in the association, who told Ynet what led them to submit the petition. “When a Cohen (a person whose ancestors were allegedly members of Judaisms priestly class) and a divorcee arrive at the rabbinate and want to get married, the rabbinate says, we do not have the authority to judge this case because it doesnt want to marry them for halachic (Jewish religious law) reasons,” they said. “In that case the religious court essentially rules that the legal court will marry them. Based on exactly the same reasoning, we want to approach the rabbinate as Jewish same-sex couples, ask the rabbinate please, marry us and it will reply that it does not have the authority and therefore we will demand that they treat us exactly the same and not discriminate.”


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