The Supreme Court Rules That Christianity Is Not Christian

May 7, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags:

For the past six years I have followed and written sporadically about an obscure lawsuit in a town nobody could locate on a map, noting to the few who would listen that this was one of the most important legal battles being waged in the country. This labor in obscurity has ended this week with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of a return to pre-revolutionary America. That the Court even agreed to take the case is a sign of the end of times…

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One Response to “The Supreme Court Rules That Christianity Is Not Christian”

  1. Richard Ansons

    Traduit avec Reverso

    Nth Peace plan..
    That go you he(it) take(bring) out us of the suitcase?
    Given the rejection(discharge) announced by the Palestinians I am perplexed. I do not understand the tactics because it is certain there is well a tactics.
    Unless the Palestinians are ruled out(moved away) or supplanted I do not see how it could make a success(succeed).
    Personally I would like that the serial ends.