Still time to reach better nuclear deal with Iran

Netanyahu, in the first of several appearances on US Sunday news programs, said he has spoken with both Democrats and Republicans in Congress – nearly two thirds of House of Representatives members and a similar number in the US Senate – about the Iran nuclear issue.

The prime minister has been strongly critical of the framework agreement struck on Thursday between world powers and Iran, saying it does not do enough to protect Israel.

Furthermore, Netanyahu bemoaned the fact the deal doesn’t address Iran’s ICBMs program, it doesn’t lead to the dismantling of Iran’s centrifuges or shutting down of its nuclear facilities, its restrictions are limited in time, and that it “legitimizes” Tehran’s nuclear program.

“They’re given the ability not only to maintain their infrastructure but within a few years to increase it. They don’t even have to violate this deal – they could just walk into many bombs,” he said.

“This is not a partisan issue. This is not solely an Israeli issue,” Netanyahu stressed.


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