State Supreme Court jumps into open-restrooms fight

The Virginia Supreme Court has agreed to look into a dispute over a local school district’s adoption of protections for “sexual orientation,” “gender identity” and even “gender expression.”


The move should be viewed as a warning to other districts, according to Liberty Counsel, which brought the case against the the Fairfax County School Board .


The case developed when the district chose to pursue a new policy and code of conduct that vaguely protects a male who says he is female or vice versa.


Liberty Counsel brought the arguments on behalf of a Christian activist, Andrea Lafferty of Traditional Values Coalition, as well as the student, whose identity is being protected with the pseudonym Jack Doe.


The U.S. Supreme Court already has blocked a pro-transgender policy in another case in Virginia and is considering whether to do a full review of the case. Federal courts in North Carolina and Texas have blocked the move in other cases.


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