State Now Offering REAL ID Driver’s Licenses

The state is now offering Real ID driver’s licenses, as part of new federal security regulations for traveling on commercial domestic flights.  The new type of ID is needed to fly starting October 2020.  The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles says residents should get their IDs as soon as possible to avoid waiting longer closer to the deadline.  Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler has more. Listen Listening…0:00State Bureau of Motor Vehicles registrar Don Petit says instead of being handed a new license on the spot, drivers will walk out of a deputy registrar’s office with either their old license or a document – both good for 45 days – while they wait at home for the new license, like one would with a credit or debit card from the bank.“It comes in the mail, generally in about a week to 10 days in a very plain envelope. And we’re going to be using a very similar process for putting the driver’s license in our customer’s hands.”


Source: State Now Offering REAL ID Driver’s Licenses | WCBE 90.5 FM

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