Son Given Illegal Sex Change Operation by School System, Claims Mother

November 10, 2018   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: ,

A federal appeals court recently heard arguments in a lawsuit in which a Minnesota mother sued a school district and others over giving her underage son a sex change operation without her consent.

Anmarie Calgaro filed a lawsuit against St. Louis County, Fairview Health Services, Park Nicollet Health Services and the St. Louis County School District in 2016 for treating her son as an emancipated minor and providing gender transition treatments without notice.

Calgaro was represented by the Thomas More Society, who presented arguments before a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit last month.

In a statement emailed to supporters on Wednesday, Society Special Counsel Erick Kaardal called Calgaro’s experiences “a parent’s worst nightmare.”


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18 Responses to “Son Given Illegal Sex Change Operation by School System, Claims Mother”

  1. Parents don’t have any unalienable rights to determine the health, upbringing, and education of their children in America because of their status under laws passed by
    the criminal Congress on March 9 1933. A permanent state of national emergency like martial law was created. This action suspended all the Founding Documents. United States Citizens are indentured servants of the owners of the International Banks which in the case of the United States is the Federal Reserve. All of this is Satanic. Do the research and you will find the truth of what I have said. There is nothing sadder than a people who think they are free and are actually slaves.

  2. Brightedge1

    The preparation for this abomination and the taking away of our children has been going on for decades. Those who don’t have the Holy Spirit will be lost and pulled into the madness. Satan loves insanity and this is just another finger in the eye by the elite Leftists who want to control everything and everyone. Minnesota has gone liberal and I pity anyone with children there. I have seen images of drag queens grinding their hips in sickening sexual displays in front of young children while their parents look on with a dazed look on their face.

    I watched a film the other day called Annihilation. It was obvious they were employing a seductive Mesmer technique to captivate the viewer. The images of swirling dark forms infused with low lights were undulating waves of dark beautiful colors which pulled the viewer into this world of destruction. I spoke prior to watching the film with a young man from India he actually said it was a beautiful film. This is the danger this is how they will suck into their vortex of death this Mesmer technique and only those who have the Holy Spirit near them will either understand the danger in an intellectual way or they will get that uneasy feeling and turn from it..

    Even our military has been attacked with a finance bill that included a law sanctioning beastiality. There were programs that made these men wear high heels. All this happened during Obama’s tenure. Is it any wonder that the military is now protecting the president when the demorats would have already had him assassinated if they were not protecting him.

    I know that many Christians don’t want the fight ahead but they are going to get it regardless of how pure they wish to remain. God sometimes does sanction war does sanction killing people and sometimes sanctions whipping the money changers. Hiding behind those patriots those soldiers allowing them to do the fighting and thinking that because we are pure Christians we could never do violence does not give full credence to all the lessons by God. The book of Judges is clear in its lesson about going to war. Ask God first before you go to war. Get his imput and pray heavily completely for his guidance.

  3. I have a friend, who demands homosexuals were made that way. When I asked what she thinks about transsexuals, she agreed (with them, of course) that they were actually “trapped” in the wrong sex, leading me to ask if she is saying God made a mistake, which is what the Trans community wants us to believe.

    This same woman keeps demanding that people are allowed opinions, when it comes to believing God’s Word. I demand that isn’t so because there is only one Holy Spirit and His Law is what the Word of God says.


    • Brightedge1

      You may wish to look up the facts on glyphosates and how it is affecting animals and people. God did not make the mistake humankind did with all the hormone disruption due to toxic chemicals in our food and water. One day the Scientists who tried to make themselves into the new priestly class will be seen as monsters. When you look at what they have created much of it has harmed humankind and now with it accelerating at frightening speed unchecked by morality it will bring in the beast system. I pray that Irvin is correct that the US will be spared the worst of it and that we will not be under the beast system.

  4. This is more of the same stupidity, dished out by the world…those, who are so anti-Godliness that they’ll do anything to thumb their collective noses at Him.
    The other day, I told a woman, who is a staunch democrat (she refuses to accept that Obama was worthless in the eight years he slummed in Washington) that the schools demand children have written permission, from home, just to take aspirin. However, a school nurse or teacher can drive a pregnant 14 year old across the state line, without any say from the child’s parents, for an abortion.

    This woman has a Masters degree and knows NOTHING!!

  5. There is not enough information to make a decision here. Was the minor an emancipated minor? And if so, did the minor have the right to make a decision, whether right or wrong concerning surgery? The fact that the child was emancipated suggest something about the minor “upbringing”.

    • Brightedge1

      A high school student does not have a fully developed brain. The brain is said to fully mature in it cognitive functioning around 24 years of age. Given the onslaught of propaganda in the school system emancipating a minor is a bad move unless the child is being severely abused. Currently in England they are doing sex changes on children who are autistic or mentally challenged. They are cutting off their genitals sterilizing them without their parents permission. This is a worldwide movement to expose children to having their genders changed to having them sexualized as children for adult partners and to sterilize them through toxic chemicals in our water and food. Sounds paranoid I know but unfortunately it is true.

  6. Karen J Rollins

    I failed to say, legit judtice should rule with a lead pipe and uzzie. Uncertainty of guilt is the hesitating factor in severe punishment. Unnecessary, sick minded abuses and atrocities make me sick, and I believe how dare you judgement should be served. A twelve different ways rally cry not the victims but perpetrators, and conspirators.

  7. Phyllis J. Williams

    To those judges: “Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, who are idol worshipers, adulterers, male prostitutes, homosexuals…..none of these will have share in the Kingdom of God.” I Corinthians 6:9-10. For nonbelievers, they are hopeless and doomed for eternal death. I wonder whether these judges consider themselves Christians by faith or by culture. There is a great difference. Their act was one of abomination according to GOD;S WORDS. Maybe the criteria for the selection of judges needs to be reviewed. We must know there are consequences for violating God’s commandments that are more judgmental than that of any man or earthly rulers. Choose death (Hell) or choose life (eternally in God’s Kingdom when Jesus returns). REPENT