Social Media Activist Says Jews Part of Middle East

There has been a gradual change of perception in the minds of the Middle Eastern Arab countries regarding Israel’s place among them. Could this mind shift be a gradual move toward the signing of the Palestinian peace deal, and begin the Final 7 Years? The Jerusalem Post reported on this mental shift:

Loay Alshareef, a social media activist and linguist from Bahrain, was interviewed by i24NEWS on Sunday, in which he discussed the recent Israel-UAE normalization deal, Israel and the Jewish people’s role in the Middle East and the future of Arab-Israel ties.

Beyond praising the recent deal, Alshareef highlighted an important shift in perception among Middle East Arabs, particularly in the Gulf states, regarding perceptions toward Israel specifically and Jews in general. The activist noted that views among the populace of the UAE in regard to the agreement are rooted in stabilizing the Middle East, while adding that “now the awareness is becoming more clear to many people that the Jewish people are not foreign colonialists in the Land of Israel: They are part of this land, and they are part of our region.