Settlers tell Netanyahu: Block Palestinian media broadcasts

Roeh’s letter requests that Israel either bar Palestinian Authority broadcasts, or that it disrupt them by technological or physical means.


“We hear again and again about the continuous incitement in official Palestinian media,” Roeh wrote. “This incitement goes on undisturbed, and glorifies the names of murderers, praises terror attacks, features images of Jews as sub-human with nauseating characteristics and lies about the State of Israel, saying that Arabs who carry out attacks are innocent and that the Jews have taken control of the Temple Mount.”


There has been considerable incitement on Palestinian television channels over the last few years, especially during the last few months since the start of the escalation.


The incitement has served to stoke the coals of the intifada and follows numerous attempts by Hamas to ignite an uprising in the West Bank over the last few years.


Channels such as Al-Aqsa TV, Palestine al-Yom and al-Quds, which are based in the Gaza Strip, carry daily broadcasts with short interludes that unequivocally encourage attacks against Israelis.


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