Settler leader: preliminary Knesset vote on annexation bill can happen now

The Knesset should hold an immediate preliminary reading of a private members bill filed by MK May Golan (Likud) that would allow for the application of sovereignty over West Bank settlements, Yesha Council head David Elhayani said on Sunday.

“The bill can already be brought now for a preliminary reading” in the Knesset plenum, Elhayani said.

He spoke after Golan’s bill, which she filed last month, was bureaucratically advanced on Sunday. The bill was initiated by Economic Affairs Minister Eli Cohen, but his status as a minister prohibits him from filling a private member bill.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to apply sovereignty to the West Bank settlements. He only plans to do so, however, within the context of the Trump peace plan, which sets out a four-year process for the creation of a Palestinian state.