Security Minister supports Jewish Temple Mount prayer rights

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Gilad Erdan participates in Temple Mount lobby meeting, expresses support for goals, but notes status quo on Mount lies with Prime Minister.

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan took part in a meeting of the Lobby to Strengthen Jewish Connection to the Temple Mount headed by MK Yehuda Glick (Likud).

Erdan thanked the Lobby for the invitation and congratulated Lobby heads. “Most of all, I thank you all for your activities all year round, because in the end the State of Israel almost gave up sovereignty in the holiest place for the Jewish People.

“Thanks to your activity and the organizations and your perseverance and not giving up we can truly point with pride and satisfaction, and with more aspirations, to the development and progress in freedom of access and visits of Jews to the Temple Mount,” Erdan added.

Erdan mentioned the fact that the Temple Mount is the holiest place only to the Jews, “I don’t really understand the public discourse about the Temple Mount. Are we really the same Jewish and democratic state that we’re always proud of? After all, the Temple Mount is the holiest place only for Judaism – to Islam it’s the third most important place. It’s the place from which everything began, and where the Holy One tested Abraham.

“Our enemies understand what sometimes is unclear in political discourse. The debate between us and our enemies has never been a territorial dispute, but between the Jewish People and radical Islam that doesn’t accept our existence here. Therefore, because we’re a Jewish state, this means that first of all Jews should have access to the holiest place for the Jewish People,” Erdan added.


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