Secretary of State compares Trump to Esther

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‘It’s possible God sent him to save Israel’

One of America’s most senior politicians has claimed it is possible Donald Trump was sent by God to save Israel from rival nations.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was responding to a question from the Christian Broadcasting Network on whether the US President was like a modern day Esther from the Bible.

Speaking on the Purim holiday in which Jews celebrate the biblical rescue of the Jewish people by Queen Esther from the Persians, Pompeo said: “As a Christian, I certainly believe that’s possible,.

“It was remarkable…the work that our administration’s done to make sure that this democracy in the Middle East, that this Jewish state remains.

“I am confident that the Lord is at work here.”


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25 Responses to “Secretary of State compares Trump to Esther”

  1. Yes, I agree God needed a Trumpet and a Jehu not a politician.

    9-11 is a preview of a future calamity. Ref; Isa 9-10 Jonathan Cahn’s book The Harbinger – The hand writing on the wall.

    President Trump will be reelected for 4 more years, but will America turn back to God?

    In 2024 election we may not get another Trumpet and Vice President Pence is not a Trumpet.

    God Bless


  2. Michael A Jarvis

    How does invocation of the name of Yeshua by His followers wxhibit islamaphobia?
    Ymthe death burial and resurrection of our Lord the Messiah occured nearly one thousand years before the birth of the false prophet Mohamed was born.

  3. Sue Terry

    Will all of Israel’s enemies seek to disable the US’s weapon systems so it cannot come to Israel’s aid? Can’t find any mention of any nation helping Israel. Of course, God is able!

  4. Lucy Wain

    President Trump seems like a King Cyrus to me. And, I know he was sent from God to help protect Israel now when no one else will. I am amazed at the prophecy being fulfilled in my lifetime. What a privilege and a chance to be alive at the rapture is almost too much to bear!

  5. I am so grateful and extremely encouraged by the prayer that has so many in an uproar. I’m encouraged cause if she can stand up in front of the U.S. and undoubtedly the world and proclaim the Name of Jesus then I should be able to in my neighborhood then my city and so forth!!! In His Name we shall begin to shout…JESUS JESUS JESUS

  6. Miss Kitty

    I can just see Trump dressed as Esther in the White House Purimspeil. LOL. Joking aside, my thought is that he’s more a Cyrus than Esther. There are more parallels between the two leaders than there are between POTUS and the queen.


    I can’t seem to get the message out that global warming is a HOAX, and is anti-biblical and flies in the face of God. Genesis 8:22 totally de-bunks that false narrative. God said that “while the earth remaineth ,seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night SHALL NOT CEASE. !!!!!


    There is no question that God chose trump to be President of the most powerful and influentioal Nation in the world, He put’s Principalities in Power, man just thinks he does. He uses them for his purposes, Man just thinks that man doe’s. PRAISE THE LORD.

  9. That’s almost blasphemy. Esther was a virtuous righteous woman who put her own life on the line, literally, to save all of HER people. Trump is a narcissist with a god complex and anything but virtuous in any sense of the word.

  10. Corene Meridith

    The Bible teaches the word of GOD and “JESUS” is the “Son” of GOD. JESUS gave his life blood for all mankind. Only JESUS made this sacrifice. I too believe President Trump is needed to make sure that Israel remains safe and strong.

  11. Jeff S Lowery

    I believe Donald Trump, who also chose a well respected born-again Christian as his VP was chosen for such as a time as this! Trump has God’s Favor and it’s clear is seeking Godly counsel as he runs this country.

  12. Joy Clayton

    Israel is very excited, moving forward with the 3rd temple. Have any of these top Jews been asked how they view Christians?
    I never heard it. Jesus said, ‘if they hated Him, they would also hate His followers ‘ Just a few years ago, Israel was shown bonding with China in clean air technology, and related. Jewish children were shown learning Mandarin. Has this ended? Bcuz China is killing Christians at record rates, hates Christians.
    Israel as it stands hates Christians. There are some other things people have videotaped that mean something and nobody’s talking. The 30,000 guillotines, the thousands of seeming black plastic caskets just stacked, sitting there, the changes in a major grocery retail that has bonded with Homeland Security. It seems ominous for Christians, and Trump is bonding with Israel? Well, he’s always been on Mammon’s side, overtly so, gold trim, indeed. We’re in the age of lawlessness, and god of this world is ruling. I wait and see.

  13. Frank Kay

    I have thought that of the President but dismissed it. I am not a bible Scholler and thought that it be best kept to myself. God can only know how he is going to work and I wonder in aww at what is happening. Thanks for your comments. Frank Kay