School board axes geography textbook for ‘pushing a particular political belief’

A Pennsylvania school board has blocked the use of a proposed textbook after one school board member led the charge against the book on the grounds that it was nothing more than liberal “indoctrination.”

The West York Area school board rejected the book, “Rubenstein: The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography, 13th edition,” on a 5-4 vote after board member Lynn Kohler opposed its approach to teaching about climate change, according to the York Dispatch.

The newspaper summarized Kohler’s comments to say that he thought the book was “an anti-capitalist extension of the environmental movement.”

“I believe this falls into the indoctrination category of pushing a particular political belief,” Kohler said at the board’s May 19 meeting.


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  1. Yael Arsenault
    Yael Arsenault says:

    Lynn Kohler, you are proof one good person can make a difference. As a teacher we need more Conservative parents to step up, put the doors aside and participate in School Boards. Its there that we can actually save the future of America.

  2. Patricia Tfton
    Patricia Tfton says:

    Thank God finally a school board is aware of what curriculum is indoctrinating the children

  3. R Morgan
    R Morgan says:

    But isn’t Kohler’s position just the same?
    “I believe this falls into the indoctrination category of pushing a particular political belief,” Kohler said at the board’s May 19 meeting.
    Shouldn’t all theories be put under scrutiny?

  4. Michael Burks
    Michael Burks says:

    But the bad news is that 4 people voted to keep the book in the school system. Only 5-4 is frightening.

  5. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    I am Forever Grateful that This School board is researching and spending grueling time to Actually Find the TRUTH and simoly Not just ‘passing over’ and add the book. Praise God for THESE Wonderful people!!! WE NEED MORE OF YOU!!!!

  6. Lynn Dowless
    Lynn Dowless says:

    The terrible sword of separating church and state can slice in a multiplicity of directions

  7. Robert
    Robert says:

    I’m glad someone was paying attention. This is just Marxist indoctrination. The United Nations “sustainable development” goals are intended to bring in a global Marxist technocratic state. The “Green New Deal” would be a contract that would force the United States to implement United Nations “sustainable development” goals by the year 2030. Don’t be fooled.

  8. Conrad
    Conrad says:

    I’m grateful for Lynn Kohler’s leadership and stance in winning this battle. Nowadays, it takes great courage to speak out as a conservative in the midst of so much liberalism. Although I live in Texas, I’m grateful for your stance as I’ve noticed that a successful liberal assault in one state often migrates to others.

  9. Tami
    Tami says:

    Thank you Lynn for taking the time and having the courage to stand up for our kids. We should be teaching our children how to listen to differing views, and make up their own minds after being presented with the available facts, information and views. Instead, they are being taught WHAT to think, not HOW to think. From climate change all the way to the liberal deleting of factual history. It would be nice if this could be the beginning of a trend all over the nation.

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