“Satanic Temple” Group Launched at U.S. Naval Academy

A “Satanic Temple” study group has been approved by top brass at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. But according to the Navy Times, while academy officials had provided the group with a room on campus for “study,” someone announced via e-mail that the group would be holding “satanic services” on campus, a revelation that prompted clarification from academy officials.

“A group of Midshipmen with beliefs aligned with those practiced by the Satanic Temple … requested a space where they could assemble to discuss and share their common beliefs,” Cmdr. Alana Garas, an academy spokeswoman, explained. However, she added, “the request was for a ‘study group’ space, not for holding ‘satanic services.’”

The Satanic Temple has been recognized by the IRS for tax-exempt status as a church. The organization “engages in religious and political activities, most of which reflect a left-wing ideology and individual centered self-worship,” reported CNSNews.com.

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