Russia Threatens Israel With Missile Attack

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In response to an Israeli airstrike in Syria last Tuesday, Russia threatened to respond to further Israeli action in Syria with surface-to-surface missiles against targets inside Israel. An Israeli military intelligence website reported that one such missile was already fired last week.

On Wednesday, Israeli authorities broke with protocol and confirmed that the IDF was responsible for an airstrike the previous night targeting three main sites that were actively involved in Iranian arms transfers to the Hezbollah. Among the weapons targeted by the Israeli strike were GPS-guided missiles.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov made a statement to the press on Wednesday that six Israeli F-16 jets carried out the attack, which he described as “provocative.” Konashenkov claimed that as the attack began, two Syrian civilian airliners were preparing to land in Damascus and Beirut. He claimed the IAF attack created a “direct threat” to the aircraft, forcing the Syrian air defense to curtail their response to the Israeli strike by not deploying electronic jamming or surface-to-air missiles.

Konashenkov said that despite their limited response, the Syrian air defenses shot down 14 of the 16 precision-guided bombs dropped by the Israeli jets. He said that the remaining two bombs hit a Syrian military four miles west of Damascus.


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14 Responses to “Russia Threatens Israel With Missile Attack”

  1. Good! Let’s have Israel
    face the Russian strategic forces!
    I mean really: Israel gets Obama& Hillary to create a civil
    war in Syria, in the hopes Israel can maneuver the U.S. into doing its dirty work with Iran. The Christian Zionists are co-conspirators with Israel and AIPAC in this.
    Do You Christian Zionists realize that you have been aiding & abetting Israel in destroying the Palestinian Christians in the Wesr Bank. Irving says ‘ as soon as the peace treaty is signed, Endtime ministeries is going door to door in Israel…’ Wow- Really? pray tell Irving & Dave & Doug: What gave you done the past 30 years to Evangelize the Jews of Israel ?? NOTHING. But when the peace treaty is signed, THEN you’ll initiate the Great Commission?

  2. Putin is about to learn what all the Arab nations have been taught as well as to me Syria Babylon etc JEHOVAH WILL PROTECT PRESERVE &DEFEND HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE so be stupid Vladimir you mess with Israel Russia falls into the dustpan of history as a FORMER power that GOD took apart its coming and soon so watch 4 the fall of Russia

  3. Michael D Howard

    I clearly see this attack by Israel is by Deep State factions who want a war with the 2 Christian countries USA (though we have fallen to homosexual control in defiance of biblical injunctions vs that of Russia) and Russia. Russia has a large number of its former citizens now residing in Israel and a part of the government. I see this as a clear attempt to somehow use false bible prophesy that Russia is Magog ( a total historical based manipulative lie of the Enemy and repeated by Necon’s masquerading as Christians or at very least completely mislead by their failure to read scripture through prayer and seeking Spiritual Knowledge)

  4. The Russian military spokesman is not telling the truth. I see they haven’t lost their talent for putting out fantastic “official” claims. His response must surely be for local consumption as no one could possibly believe anti aircraft guns or missiles could hit free falling guided munitions. And to claim a near 90% hit ratio is beyond ludicrous. With that incredible capability why not just shoot down the aircraft? Sorry….I’m not buying it.