Russia ‘planning cyber warfare’ on UK in response to Syria airstrikes

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It is feared hackers in Russia could be preparing for a cyber attack on UK computer networks in revenge for the targeted airstrikes against Assad’s chemical weapons programme by the UK, US and France this weekend.


Prime Minister Theresa May has faced backlash from politicians who believe she should have consulted Parliament before authorising the operation.


Many fear the strikes will prompt retaliation, with one military expert saying cyber warfare is now ‘highly likely’.


Vladimir Putin failed to carry out threats to shoot down missiles fired at Syria as the Kremlin announced the strikes damaged chances of achieving a political resolution in the seven-year Syria conflict.


Professor Michael Clarke, a counter-terrorism and defence expert, warns the result of Britain’s involvement could be ‘cyber warfare’ that would affect ‘everyone’.


Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, he said an attack could be imminent in the next two or three weeks. ‘I suspect Russia will choose not to respond in military terms. But cyber warfare is highly likely,’ he said.


Source: Russia ‘planning cyber warfare’ on UK in response to Syria airstrikes | Metro News

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