Report: Obama considering UN resolution on peace process

US President Barack Obama’s administration is considering a United Nations Security Council resolution to serve as a blueprint for Israeli-Palestinian talks, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. The US has repeatedly vetoed such resolutions in the past.


That move would be just one element of a plan to receive the peace process, according to the Journal.


The newspaper added that other elements might be a presidential speech and joint statement from the Quartet.


The report offered one possible scenario: “the US would push Israel to halt construction of settlements in the Palestinian territories and recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state… Palestinians would in turn be asked to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and end claims on a right of return for Palestinian refugees.” That scenario would entail establishing two states based on the 1949 armistice lines, with land swaps to reflect population changes since then.


According to the report, Palestinian officials said they were open to an intervention by Obama.


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