Report: American soldiers, Iranian militias share base in Iraq

Two senior US administration officials confirmed on Monday in a Bloomberg report that the Taqqadum military base in Anbar, Iraq that is being used to train local forces to fight back against ISIS is also being occupied by Iranian Shiite militia groups brought in by the Iraqi government that are known to have killed American soldiers.


Some members of the US administration fear that sharing the base is endangering the lives of American soldiers as the US intelligence community expressed fear that the Iranians are spying on US military operations.


The League of the Righteous, a Shi’ite militia group that carried out a road side execution of five US soldiers in 2007, is among the Iranian militia groups found on the base. The group still brags about the executions and defends its actions, praising the number of Americans they managed to kill during the war. American officials are critical of this cooperation and feel it is an insult to the  soldiers who fought against the very same militias during the 10-year conflict in Iraq.


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