Regional Council leaders tired of empty promises

Judea and Samaria regional council heads conducted a tour on Thursday of the E1 area of Israel together with lobbyists and called for the next phase in the fight against the construction freeze.”I see the visit as an opportunity to connect Knesset members to the area so they can see the problems from our perspective which we feel are important on a national level, specifically, the illegal construction by Arabs and construction freeze placed upon the Jews,” said Avi Roeh, chairman of the Yesha Council and head of the Binyamin Regional Council. “I hope that things here will be translated into action and decision making.”Roeh and the other council heads of Judea and Samaria believe in using a “construct and vote” method, meaning support for coalition in exchange for building rights. “We have a national responsibility. The construction freeze must cease to be a threat and we must not be afraid of it. The Prime Minister and Ministers must take action and demonstrate that the Prime Minister must make decisions even if they are extremely complex. This is the future of Israel and the Land of Israel”.


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