The REAL ID Act is the WRONG ID Act

Your Louisiana Drivers License could soon become a National Identification Card if House Bill 907 is passed in the full Senate between now and session’s end. After watching the Senate Transportation Committee pass this bill, it was obvious there were facts missing or overlooked. That is when I received the CATO Institute’s Weekly Dispatch with a link to their Policy Analysis No. 749 entitled “REAL ID: State-by-State Update and dated May 12, 2014. This turned out to be very timely information. Does HB 907 in 2014 violate HB 715 which became law in 2008?


House Bill 715 was signed into Louisiana law on July 7, 2008. “The law states the opposition of the state of Louisiana to the federal REAL ID Act of 2005, on the grounds that it violates the constitutions of the state of Louisiana and of the United States, as well as violating the privacy of American citizens. It prohibits state agencies from implementing the provisions of the REAL ID Act, and orders officials to report to the governor any efforts by the federal government to secure or force Louisiana’s compliance.”

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