React Mobile Unveils Next Generation BLE 5.0 Beacon Safety Technology to Precisely Pinpoint Employee Location In Multi-Story Buildings

React Mobile, the original inventor of the BLE panic button and market-leading hospitality safety technology provider, today announced the release of their latest product, the BLE 5.0 Beacon. The device is a discreet, easy to conceal tool that connects to React Mobile’s safety platform to deliver precise room-level location accuracy indoors in multi-story buildings. Whether answering to a medical emergency, injury, or staff harassment, hotels are finally able to deploy resources to the exact coordinates of their employee, within seconds of an alert.

This latest innovation from React Mobile provides incredibly precise location information even within a high-rise building. When an employee safety device (ESD) is activated, the device identifies the closest BLE beacon. It then reports the precise room number, in real-time, along with GPS coordinates, to React Mobile’s safety platform. The platform itself is robust and flexible, offering each hotel a tailored solution to suit their unique needs.


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