Merging Into a New World Order

With all of the alleged points of conflict — Ukraine, Syria, Cuba, Iran, and more — between Russian strongman Vladimir Putin and the West, the notion that Russia and its allies may someday “merge” or “converge” with the United States might sound ludicrous. Still, as we shall show, that is the ultimate plan, and it has been for decades, if not longer. In fact, even the supposed “crises” and “tensions” between “East” and “West” — largely manufactured for public consumption — are helping to drive that process.


Somewhat behind the scenes but hardly in total secrecy, Putin and his supposed nemeses among the global government-promoting Western establishment are in fact working together toward what they call a “New World Order.”


Toward that end, globalists have long been advancing what they refer to as “convergence.” In essence, for the world to be ruled under a single global regime, East and West, Third World and First World, will all have to “converge” — meet in the middle, perhaps.

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