Proxy War Deepens in Syria After US Troop Withdrawal, Peace Remains Elusive

The Syrian war is an amalgam of many proxy wars involving various global players and their regional allies and proxies. And according to people familiar with the situation, recent developments in the region will have global ramifications, as the changes are likely revising the existing political order and its alliances.

“The outcome of the war on Syria will determine the new world order and alliances,” Waiel Awwad, a senior Syrian journalist based in South Asia, told The Epoch Times. “Therefore it is a crucial period in contemporary history to reshape the New World Order.”

What this revised world order will be, and how the various global and regional players and foes—more notably the United States, Russia, Turkey, and Iran—position themselves in a broader security framework will determine many foreign policy outcomes, including utopian peace scenarios, experts told The Epoch Times.

“We definitely are in the process of at least revising the world order if not completely changing it. But the motivations of the various actors involved in Syria vary,” Kanishkan Sathasivam, Director of the William H. Bates Center for Public & Global Affairs at Salem University, Massachusetts, said. “For some, it is part of their effort to elevate themselves to a more prominent position within the world order, for example, Russia, Iran, and most recently now Turkey. For others like the Gulf states, it is more about local interests of importance to them.”