‘Pride Parade is causing more damage than benefit’

Holding the LGBT pride parade in the streets of Jerusalem  is contradicting its characteristics as a holy city, said the capital’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi Aryeh Stern on Thursday.

Stern stressed that he objects and condemns any form of violence against the parade, but believes that there is no room for such events in Jerusalem.

“It is sad that a couple of days after Tisha B’Av, when masses visited Jerusalem and remembered it being a holy city… The essence of this parade is contradicting the trend of Jerusalem as a holy city, and that is the city we want,” said Stern in an interview to Army Radio.

“My views are known when it comes to violence,” Stern added. “I participated in the memorial ceremony for Shira Banki, and came to her house to console the grieving family. But holding the parade in the city streets is causing more damage to its supporters than benefiting them.”

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