‘Prepare for new elections – Bibi could be indicted’

Israeli lawmakers are taking seriously the possibility that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu could be indicted in one of the investigations currently underway, a senior MK from the Shas party said.

With a new police investigation into claims the Prime Minister received gifts from media mogul Nuni Mozes joining allegations of possible conflicts of interest in the purchase of ballistic missile submarines from Germany and a series of other police inquiries targeting Netanyahu, political leaders are preparing for a potential resignation by Netanyahu, followed by new elections.

A veteran Shas MK recently reflected upon his own party’s preparations for the fallout from a resignation by the Prime Minister or other coalition crisis, telling the haredi news site Kikar Shabbat that such scenarios were not as farfetched as they might seem.

“We’re getting ready for the possibility of elections,” the MK said. “This whole business [police investigation of Mozes’s alleged gifts to PM] doesn’t smell good. An indictment isn’t so unrealistic, and in this kind of situation the odds of new elections are very high, so we’re preparing for that possibility – it won’t be easy, but slowly things are becoming clearer.”


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