Pope Francis peace plea at Israel-Palestinian prayer meeting

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Pope Francis has urged Israeli and Palestinian leaders to show courage to seek peace in the Middle East. The Pope was speaking after hosting joint prayers at the Vatican with Israeli President Shimon Peres and his Palestinian counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas. Mr Peres said making peace was a “holy mission”. Mr Abbas spoke of a “comprehensive and just peace”.The Pope has stressed that the Vatican is not seeking to get involved in peace negotiations between the two sides.The talks collapsed in acrimony in April.Pope Francis had invited the pair on his recent trip to the Holy Land…

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  1. Debra

    I am listening to your broadcast on How Soon is the Rapture! In this broadcast you made reference to the fact that some banks donot accept cash…Then you referenced American Airlines doesnot accept cash….. Just want to say that on the plane itself, you need a card because there is no way to store cash and make change. That’s pretty normal and has nothing to do with endtimes. Also, at the counters the same situation; the need for a card be it debit or credit is the same because there is no storing of cash on site. This is normal and not an endtime issue! We need to be clear and concise with out statements as not to put out what #45 calls “FAKE NEWS”. Just saying! And remember, we who are Born Again do not get in bed with the world and it’s mindset! Be careful my Acts 2:38 Brother; people are watching and listening to you! Thanks!

  2. John Guice

    Who are the Saints in Revelation and who are the 144000 ? What happens to the ones who walk into the 1000 yr reign of Christ ? Who are the 2 wittiness? Love your teachings

    • Hello John,

      Revelation 7 speaks of the 144,000 and a great multitude no one could count that came out of the Great Tribulation. We believe John was seeing the Jewish/Gentile church. The Saints that Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 speaks of that the Antichrist makes war against is the Church. The rapture will not happen until after the tribulation of those days according to Jesus in Matthew 24:29-31. We do not have a lot of information about those who will live into the Millennial reign, we only know that there will be mortals who survive the Battle of Armageddon.
      The Two witnesses no one knows at this time who they are.

      Thank you for watching and Lord bless you

  3. Michelle McCoy

    God does not stated anything about a Rapture the devil has deceived the whole world and that is everyone who say God mention a rapture is not in His word to Us please stop it and do things God way.

    • Debra

      Michelle you need to open the Bible and read it. The word rapture is not in the Bible, the event of the catching away of the church is in the Bible. Rapture means to be caught up! Are you ready? Read the book of Acts and do what they did and get ready. Pray before you read so that God can open your eyes and heart! Time is running out!

  4. David Morrison

    Remember the words, “eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, life for life.” What is delaying the sixth trumpet war? The total number of government sanctioned abortions to date world-wide is fast approaching one third of the world’s population – the portion that is prophesied to die in that war. If this is to be God’s judgment on the nations in which killing the pre-born is legal the United States may loose about sixty million people.

  5. Steven Terrell

    Dear Brother Baxter; I’m sure you are aware of Revelation 17:12 and 13 Where the ten nations give their power and authority to the Beast. This event must take place before Daniel 9:27 where the A/C makes this seven year covenant with Israel. The Beast being the first president of the EU, which hasn’t taken place yet. Please, correct me if I’m making a wrong interpretation.

  6. L. Logan

    Repair your video track! lol really out of sync! Now for what Jesus really said…it is as you spoke Bro. Baxter. Jesus said He could only speak those things His Father gave Him. This is really a continuation of not only eschatology but Christology the study of the NATURE OF CHRIST. In His humanity He did not possess the glory He had as the Father’s spoken WORD in the beginning which thing also speaks to the SONSHIP being “limited” in TIME and GLORY! Yes there is not an ETERNAL SONSHIP! There is but ONE GOD and FATHER OF ALL. Jesus Himself said the FATHER AND I ARE ONE! The Father, the ONE GOD, DWELT IN CHRIST and CHRIST AS A MAN DWELT IN THE FATHER. After all things are put under Christ on earth all things then revert back to the Father as He crowns the Lord with all His Glory and the “glorified” Christ Jesus now leads His Church into eternity. All the power of the Father is now revealed and displayed in the glorified Christ. When Philip asked, Lord show us the Father and that will suffice us? Jesus responded, Have I been so long with you and you ask me SHOW US THE FATHER!??! When you have seen ME, YOU HAVE SEEN THE FATHER! Paul said by the Holy Ghost revelation, ALL THE FULNESS OF THE GODHEAD (THEOS-DEITY) DWELT IN CHRIST “BODILY!” What part of Deity did it take for the Father to do the righteous, glorious and powerful works, He did in Christ. The rich ruler whose daughter lay dying understood that AUTHORITY that Christ had been given in the indwelling Holy Spirit, JUST SPEAK THE WORD… can one divide God into “three, separate and distinct PERSONS???” There was only ONE PERSON in which DEITY DWELT. That second adam, the Son of God, came to save humanity in that same human agency from which it had become fallen! Furthermore, He came in the NAME OF THE FATHER, the ONE GOD OF ALL! Most accept fully that Christ had a dual nature of being fully a man and fully God!!! Christ has not yet put all things down but He soon will when He appears in the Glory and Power of God “our” Father who believe on Him! He who has the Father has the Son and vice versa! We are Sons of God only because we have been born again of the water and Spirit. We dwell in Him in faith and He abides in us as the Holy Ghost. Without the Spirit that divine nature, we are not His. Those that believe in Jesus Christ have hope of eternal life knowing also that those souls that sleep in Him, GOD SHALL BRING WITH HIM as Paul wrote in Thessalonians! The resurrection and rapture occur at His GLORIOUS APPEARING and the angels reap and gather that “glorified” assembly of the elect to meet the Lord in the air. This is the FIRST RESURRECTION UNTO LIFE! Death has been defeated and put under His feet for SAINTS BUT NOT YET FOR THE UNBELIEVER. Even in the MILLENNIAL REIGN, DEATH STILL OCCURS BUT RESTRAINED AS MAN IS GIVEN LONGEVITY OF LIFE. At the end of the MILLENNIAL, SATAN IS LOOSED DECEIVES THE WORLD and those of MAGOG ARE DESTROYED BY FIRE! That fire must become that fire which destroys the world as Peter spoke of! HELL AND DEATH ARE NOW PUT FULLY UNDER CHRIST CONTROL and CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE AFTER THE MILLENNIAL REIGN. THE SECOND RESURRECTION UNTO DAMNATION BEFORE THE WHITE THRONE OF THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST TAKES PLACE IN THE “HEAVENS”… THE WORLD HAS BEEN BURNT AWAY AS THE “ELEMENTS” BURN WITH A FERVENT HEAT…MOST PROBABLY AS GOD CAUSES THE SUN TO GO INTO A FIERY DEATH…Let me reiterate THE WICKED DEAD HAVE BEEN RAISED IMMORTAL and are JUDGED BY THE BOOKS BEING OPENED, THAT GREAT BOOK OF LIFE WHICH SHOWS THEIR NAME IS NOT WRITTEN THERE!!! There is weeping and wailing as the separation from God, the SECOND DEATH OCCURS and they go into EVERLASTING TORMENT IN THE LAKE OF FIRE! It is Christ who now sits on a THRONE OF JUDGMENT…NOT A MERCY SEAT… THAT IS JUDGING THEM AS THEY PERISH FOR ETERNITY FROM HIS PRESENCE and the SMOKE OF THEIR TORMENT ASCENDS UP FOREVER!!! How much can the devil give one for HIS SOUL so that he would worship satan? Hell, Gehenna, Tartarus was made for the devil and his angels who followed him in rebellion. God so loved the world of humanity He GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON BUT HE ALSO RAISED HIM UP AND GLORIFIED HIMSELF IN CHRIST FOR THOSE THAT BELIEVE UPON HIM!!! The TIME IS FAR SPENT nad we must MAKE OURSELVES READY FOR HIS GLORIOUS APPEARING, OUR BLESSED HOPE!!!

  7. Sharon

    I am still having a hard time wrapping my brain around your timeline about the signing of the peace agreement–whether it could still be this year? That sounds bizarre to me. If a big war is to come first, with such damages–how could that fit in, with the horror and mess it would make–and then oh, look, it’s December 20! We still have to sign the peace agreement! I think given the way things tend to happen, it doesn’t seem it could work out that way. And who would sign a peace agreement on such a worldwide level–and then go into a war? Assuming everyone is smart I suppose.