Plano Equal Rights Ordinance petitions invalid

February 23, 2015   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags:

The city of Plano has determined that a recently circulated equal rights petition is invalid, and will not move forward.  Plano’s City Secretary was unable to certify the petition, because it failed to meet state and local requirements for validation. On Dec. 8, the Plano City Council approved an Equal Rights Ordinance, expanding the city’s policy to prohibit discrimination against the following classes: U.S. Military/Veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation and gender identity.  The petition called for the city to either repeal that ordinance or submit it to the citizens for a vote.According to the city, the petition contained false information regarding the Equal Rights Ordinance, claiming it regulates bathrooms. The ordinance does not regulate bathrooms. By making this false representation, the equal rights petition asked signees to repeal an ordinance that does not exist, according to a Plano press release…


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