Pittsburgh adopts United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Pittsburgh on Friday became the second U.S. city to adopt United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that include eradicating poverty, eliminating pollution, improving quality of life and educational opportunities for all people.

Mayor Bill Peduto said the city would count on local nonprofits, including hospitals and universities, to help fund and implement the 17 goals, which align with the city’s OnePGH development plan.

On Friday, Peduto said OnePGH would cost around $4 billion.

“Back in 2015 we started a project that we call OnePGH,” Peduto said. “At that same time the United Nations was identifying what the sustainable development goals should be for our planet. When you look at both of those products they come out very, very similar. Although we’ll use the metrics of the United Nations and adopt it on a local level, we will have 47 specific projects that will be a part of the OnePGH plan that will be identifiable through the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

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