Pete Buttigieg Cites Religion To Defend Late-Term Abortion Of Disabled Children

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg doubled down on his support for late-term, partial-birth abortions during an episode of ABC’s “The View” Thursday in a spar with conservative host Meghan McCain.

After McCain asked the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, to clarify his seemingly radical abortion views, that the Bible says “life begins with breath, so even that is something we can interpret differently,” Buttigieg replied:

Well, I’m just pointing to the fact that different people will interpret their own moral lights, and for that matter, interpret Scripture differently. But we live in a country where it is extremely important that no one person have to be subjected to some other person’s interpretation of their own religion. I know we’re not going to agree —

McCain cut in, honing in on the partial-birth abortion question, saying, “Partial-birth abortion is something that was coming up, like I said, [Virginia] Gov. [Ralph] Northam — it was a huge controversy when he was running for governor — and I think people, even Democrats, and there are a lot of pro-life Democrats in the country, want to know exactly where your line is, because you’ll be the president if you win.”


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