Pesach Shame: Hamas Conquers Temple Mount

April 14, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags:

Police have “lost control of the Temple Mount,” Temple activists charged Monday morning, on the eve of Pesach.

Read More: Pesach Shame: Hamas Conquers Temple Mount – Inside Israel – News – Israel National News.

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2 Responses to “Pesach Shame: Hamas Conquers Temple Mount”

    • Richard Ansons

      Traduit avec Google
      Like the League of Nations which also failed in its time (1920 – + 1946) Impotent. “Without me you can do nothing” or do wrong (that’s me who says it ..).
      Mussolini declared: “the League of Nations is very effective when sparrows scream, but not at all when eagles attack.” They took advantage of it.

  1. Lord, Ultra-NeoCon Bolton as national security advisor: that’s like making Ghengis Khan in charge of your Foreign policy.
    It’s hard to imagine a worse choice than Bolton.
    Nikki- It might pay you to keep a very long arms-distance from Bolton.