Passport Warning To Millions Heading For US

Millions of Britons with old-style passports are being warned they will be turned away from the United States following a security clampdown amid terrorism concerns.


Under new rules introduced by the US government, visitors travelling to America from a Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) country, including the UK, are required to have an electronic passport – one which has an embedded electronic chip.


The change came into force on April 1 but some Britons, unaware of move, have reportedly been caught out and refused entry to the US.


E-passports were brought in on October 2006. Passports last for 10 years so the change is thought to only affect British passports issued between April and October 2006.


But with six million of the travel documents handed out each year, it is thought over three million Britons could be caught up in the change.


A spokeswoman for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said after the Visa Waiver Programme Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act 2015 was passed, detail have been posted on its own and the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (Esta) websites.


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