Parents fuming over board’s forcing of LGBT issue

Angry parents are getting set to face off tonight with members of a Virginia school board who are considering how to punish students who disagree with its transgender policy.


More than a year ago, the Fairfax County Public Schools Board added “gender identity” its nondiscrimination policy, saying it was mandated to do so by the U.S. Department of Education – or risk losing federal funding. Now the board wants to punish or expel students who speak out against the LGBT movement.


According to Andrea Lafferty, executive director of Washington, DC-headquartered Traditional Values Coalition, parents are angry and will be out in force at tonight’s meeting.


“Parents will be speaking out,” she tells OneNewsNow. “… We just encourage people to show up tonight to the board meeting, [to] wear red and be a voice and a presence to say We’ve had enough of this. We’ve had enough of Fairfax County saying we’re going to take away your constitutional rights.”


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