Palestinians Only Want to Destroy Israel

The Palestinians have never been interested in a “Two-State solution,” Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon stated Tuesday – but only in hurting Israel.


“Their goal is not to establish a Palestinian state along ’67 borders, but to destroy the Jewish state,” Ya’alon stated, in an interview on PBS. “That is the reason why they have never said the term ‘two states for two peoples’: they don’t want to recognize that a Jewish state exists.”


“Two states for two peoples” has been a slogan of Israel’s far left for decades, but has become more mainstream since the Oslo era.


Ya’alon also related to Israel’s sovereignty in Judea and Samaria – where the Palestinian Authority (PA) has been clamoring to establish a “Palestinian state” – and said that it would lead to another “Hamas-stan,” in his words.


Ya’alon is currently making the rounds in the US, championing the necessity of Israel defending itself and maintaining its security amid a flurry of declarations by international bodies in support of a Palestinian statehood bid.


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