Palestinians kill 3 Israelis as violence mounts in ‘day of rage’

Three Israelis were killed and nearly two dozen injured in a series of Palestinian attacks Tuesday, sparking calls by Israeli officials to cordon off Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem and a decision by the security cabinet to place soldiers in city centers to support the police amid rising bloodshed and unrest.


Almost two weeks of daily violence, including a spate of attacks by knife-wielding Palestinian teenagers, has left Israelis deeply shaken and fearful of another sustained Palestinian uprising.


In Tuesday’s attacks, Palestinians used knives, a car, a gun and a meat cleaver to kill and injure Jewish Israelis.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Israeli parliament: “Israel will settle the score with the murderers and those who help them. We will cut the hands of whoever tries to hurt us.”


Palestinian leader and former peace negotiator Saeb Erekat blamed the Israelis for the escalation. He asserted that Israel’s 48-year military occupation of the West Bank has spread “a culture of hate and racism that justifies atrocities, including collective punishment and coldblooded executions.”


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