Palestinian factions reject Israel’s right to exist

May 1, 2017   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: ,

After two of the Palestinians’ most notorious Islamic terrorist groups, Hamas and Fatah, agreed that the nation of Israel has no right to exist, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas appears to be distancing himself with the factions in preparation of his meeting with President Donald Trump on May 3 to spur a pro-Palestinian foreign policy.

Last month, leaders of Fatah announced on official Palestinian Authority TV that their jihadist organization and Hamas – which have been competing for political power and discussing the formation of a unity government for years — agree that Israel has no right to exist, stressing that they refuse to recognize the State of Israel.

“The Fatah Movement never demanded that Hamas recognize Israel,” Fatah Central Committee member and Commissioner of Treasury and Economy Muhammad Shtayyeh told Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) on its Topic of the Day on March 26. “To this moment, Fatah does not recognize Israel. The topic of recognition of Israel has not been raised in any of Fatah’s conferences.”


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