Palestinian activists to launch fundraiser for ‘al-Aksa martyrs’

Palestinian activists were planning a memorial campaign for ‘al-Aksa martyrs’ to begin on Friday, according to reports by Palestinian media.


The memorial campaign will be used to launch a fundraising project aiming to raise money to rebuild the homes of Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem that have been demolished by Israeli security forces.


The national campaign will last four days, from Friday to Monday, and will include activities such as support groups in all mosques in the West Bank and a culture night at the Ramallah Cultural Palace, all aimed at raising money to rebuild homes.


This campaign comes several weeks after Palestinian activists in the West Bank launched a fundraising campaign aimed at rebuilding the home of a family in Ramallah, whose son, Mohannad Halabi, stabbed to death two Israelis in an attack in Jerusalem in October.


Many Palestinians responded with outrage over the Palestinian Authority’s lack of action to stop the demolition of the Halabi house, such as closing the roads leading to the structure and preventing the approach of the Israeli forces.


Following the destruction of the house on January 9, the entire Halabi family gathered around the ruins and took a “selfie” picture in which all family members are seen smiling and flashing the victory hand motion.


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