Prophecy in the News

First US-Israeli intelligence collaboration in four years

In an unusually frank disclosure, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Wednesday night, March 5, that US intelligence services and military had worked with Israel to track the Iranian Panama-flagged ship KLOS C, which was apprehended by Israeli naval commandos on the Red Sea earlier that day carrying missiles for Gaza via Sudan. Read More: […]

Obama Promised Netanyahu to Pressure Abbas

U.S. President Barack Obama committed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu he would push the Palestinian Authority (PA) to match any Israeli concessions as he seeks to negotiate a framework for peace talks, AFP reported on Tuesday. Read More: Obama Promised Netanyahu to Pressure Abbas – Middle East – News – Israel National News.

UN climate change talks

When climate change negotiators from more than 190 countries gather in Bonn, Germany on 10 March, the pressure will be on: time is running out to meet a deadline to complete a draft negotiating text by December 2014. Read More: IBA – UN climate change talks: pressure is on to reach legally-binding, global agreement.

DHS allows German home-schooling family to stay in US

WASHINGTON –  A German home-schooling family facing deportation following the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear their appeal is being allowed to stay in the U.S. Read More: DHS allows German home-schooling family to stay in US | Fox News.

Gay and lesbian troops perform in drag on American military base

Troops based at the Kadena Air Base in Japan know how to party. On Saturday, six gay and straight service members applied some of their finest makeup and lip synced to “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” in what is believed to be first drag queen and king show on an American military base. Read More: […]

Can Congress rescue homeschooling family?

It was the executive branch, the Obama administration, that wanted a homeschooling family facing persecuting in Germany to be returned there. Now the judicial branch has failed to help them.   Can Congress save the day?   That’s the question that remains after Monday’s decision from the U.S. Supreme Court not to take for review the case […]

Netanyahu addresses AIPAC policy conference

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was set to address the AIPAC annual policy conference on Tuesday a day after meeting US President Barack Obama in the White House. Read More: WATCH LIVE: Netanyahu addresses AIPAC policy conference | JPost | Israel News.

Kentucky to appeal gay-marriage case with outside counsel

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear said Tuesday that the state will hire outside attorneys to appeal a judge’s decision granting legal recognition to same-sex couples married in other states and countries after the attorney general announced that he would not pursue the case further. Read More: Kentucky to appeal gay-marriage case with outside counsel after attorney […]