PA: Israel is thwarting Trump’s efforts to renew negotiations

The Palestinian Authority blamed Israel for continued “colonialist” activity on “occupied Palestinian land”, taking place in parallel with an “escalation” in statements from the Israel’s right-wing government supporting “settlements” and opposing peace.This policy, according to the PA, stands in stark contrast to the desire of the international community for peace, and expresses Israel’s continued disobedience in the face of decisions made by international bodies and international law.In an announcement published today, Tuesday, the PA’s foreign ministry claimed that Israeli “incitement” has come to the point that senior Israeli officials have begun criticizing US President Donald Trump for postponing the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem so as allow a chance for achieving a diplomatic agreement.The PA body also accused Israel of trying to thwart US efforts to renew negotiations by expanding “settlements” and giving “settlers” free rein to operate on Palestinian lands, including places holy to Islam: “The Al Aqsa Mosque” (The Temple Mount) and “Al Haram Al Ibrahimi” (The Cave of Machpela, also known as the Tomb of the Patriarchs).


Source: PA: Israel is thwarting Trump’s efforts to renew negotiations – Israel National News

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