Overwhelmed or Overcoming?

Obama’s Executive Action

Mass Surveillance Tactics Amid Patriot Act Renewal Debate


Tyranny and apostasy seem to be spreading at an alarming rate. Crisis after crisis threatens our heritage, freedoms and individual liberties. In the end, institutions, which we should be able to rely upon to help build our faith and encourage us in our war against evil, have joined forces with the dark side.


Using the war on terror as a pretext, the Patriot Act has been inflated into a Stasi-like secret surveillance system. By the time the Patriot Act expires in June, Congress must decide whether to renew or modify the NSA’s mass surveillance system, which includes massive sweeps of Americans’ phone records. Wars against Libya, Syria and the Islamic State are waged without congressional authorization. The President of the United States has made it clear how he plans to work around Congress by executive action, with a pen and a phone. America’s foreign policy is increasingly dishonest and secretive.


The end of the age is characterized by a collapse of faith, morality and ethics. Israel is deeply involved in international conflicts and rising anti-Semitism which precisely parallel Bible prophecies. The United States has recently threatened to withhold support of Israel in the international arena if the new Israeli government “is seen to be stepping back from its commitment to a two-state solution.” True Christians should be horrified by the social and governmental changes which much of the organized church welcomes. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 prophecies a “falling away” which must happen before the Antichrist is revealed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be massive defections to other religions from the true Christianity. Apostates have been turning away and will continue to turn away from “the faith” within the professing church.


Bishop Tony Palmer, of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, took group of Protestant evangelical leaders representing more than 700 million people to meet for lunch with Pope Francis in April, 2014. They proposed that the Pope and leaders of major Protestant churches should sign a Declaration of Faith in Unity for Mission, which asserts that Catholics and evangelicals are now “united in mission because we are declaring the same Gospel.” However, Rome’s teachings are still what they have always been.


As unbelievers in church are helping to prepare the world to welcome the False Prophet, the Antichrist and their New World Order, most of the essential prophecies which must precede the return of Jesus Christ for His true Church, including the advances of tyranny and apostasy, have already been fulfilled.


If then, most of the world is being swept along by unrelenting and largely unopposed evils, how do we endure these dark prospects? Gideon was faced with dire circumstances and overwhelming odds. “So Israel was brought very low because of Midian, and the sons of Israel cried out to the Lord.” (Judges 6:6) The Lord had given Israel over to the enemy, the Midianites, who came in like locusts, and Israel was displaced from their homes and faced with starvation. Israel had removed themselves from God’s protection by their disobedience. America has likewise opened the door for the enemy to come in to steal, kill and destroy. Repentance will open the way for God to restore and deliver our country. Gideon’s 300 surrounded the Midianite army with blaring trumpets and blazing torches, and, in the confusion, the Midianites started killing each other until most of them were gone.


The Lord chose to work through ordinary people, like Gideon, to create an unstoppable force, empowered by God’s spirit. Gideon was taught that it is the greatness of God that matters, not the terror of the enemy.


By Rick Brinegar

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