‘Obama can still be a thorn in Trump’s side’

Caroline Glick, a senior editor at the Maariv and the Jerusalem Post, sat down with Arutz Sheva to discuss the protests against the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump, and her expectation that outgoing President Barack Obama will do his utmost to make life difficult for his successor.

“There will be a lot of disgust in terms of the radical protests against the president during the inauguration and the reception afterwards.” Glick said. “I realized that there was going to be a lot of army officers and police officers around every corner because there are many people who will try to undermine this day.”

She said that this is the first time that an outgoing president has declared that he will act in opposition to the next president. “Barack Obama, who represents the American left, says that he is not going anywhere and that he would lead the opposition against Trump. This is something which has never been seen before. [Previous] outgoing presidents would board Air Force One, wave goodbye, and return to their private lives.”

“Obama and his wife [chose] to stay in Washington. This is unprecedented. He declared that he was going to try and put sticks in the wheels of the new administration.”


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