North Korea Threatens ‘Sensational Event’ to End America

A statement from North Korea’s embassy in Moscow observing the 70th anniversary of the still-ongoing Korean War this weekend threatened a “sensational event” leading to the destruction of the United States.

North Korea routinely threatened nuclear attacks on America for much of the past decade, peaking in intensity around 2016-2017. Pyongyang’s communist regime issued many of those threats in the form of videos simulating nuclear attacks on Washington, DC, and other major American cities. Following its most recent nuclear attack in September 2017, however, the United Nations approved of strict sanctions on North Korea that have crippled its economy and apparently limited its ability to threaten free states.

The belligerent statement out of Moscow follows a turbulent week in which the North Koreans bombed a joint liaison office with the South in Kaesong, built exclusively with South Korean money, and have since refused any talks with the leftist government of President Moon Jae-in. Dictator Kim Jong-un has apparently tasked his sister, Kim Yo-jong, with leading the propaganda charge against the South, as Kim has signed her name on several insulting statements targeting Moon.