‘No active fires left’ after 2,000 blazes scorch Israel

Firefighters have extinguished blazes that ravaged Israel over the past five days and caused close to 100,000 Israelis to flee their homes, authorities said Sunday, blaming arsonists for a large portion of the outbreaks.

There were no deaths but 122 people were treated for injuries, mainly smoke inhalation, medical officials said.

Around 700 homes were damaged or destroyed as the flames fed by high winds
ripped through thousands of acres.

Firefighting planes from a list of countries, including supertankers from the US and Russia, flew low over Israel, dropping tons of water and fire retardants.

At one point last week, flames towered over an area near Jerusalem, and residents on Sunday surveyed charred homes and businesses.

“There are no active sites left,” fire and rescue service spokesman Yoram Levy told AFP. “Since last night (Saturday) it’s pretty calm. We have no new activity.”


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