No Abortion, No Gays in Massive New UN Development Goals

NEW YORK, August 3 (C-Fam) The most anticipated and comprehensive UN agreement involving social policy since the 1990s does not break any new ground on abortion or homosexual issues.


Countries reached an agreement hailed as “historic” and “unprecedented” on Sunday evening at UN headquarters. But it did not stray from previous agreements that left abortion to be decided by national legislation, and expectedly does not broach the subject of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights.


When the moderators – the Ambassadors of Kenya and Ireland – gaveled the agreement, relief and satisfaction were palpable in the packed room. Countries needed an extra 48 hours round-the-clock negotiation without translators and often without air conditioning to reach a deal after the deadline passed on Friday.


Kenyan Ambassador Macharia Kamau was showered with praise and will be remembered as the principal architect of the agreement.


He led multiple rounds of negotiations over the past three years to secure consensus ahead of September, when it will be adopted in what is anticipated to be the largest gathering of heads of state in history. Although he described himself as an agnostic when it came to contentious social policy, he has given indications that he at least understands the importance of protecting unborn children.


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