New U.S. sanctions reveal sprawling ISIS network

The sanctions, the largest such effort against ISIS, also serve to demonstrate how far and wide the group’s ideology has spread.


The State Department designated as foreign terrorist organizations ISIS regional spin-offs in Russia’s Caucasus region, Algeria, Indonesia and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Among the individuals designated as terrorists was Sally Jones, a British native and the widow of an operative killed recently in an American drone strike.


The State Department also designated as terrorists three French nationals and a Russian. Russia, France and other countries cooperated with the U.S. in supplying information that contributed to the sanctions, officials said.


The Treasury Department, meanwhile, slapped financial sanctions on ISIS officials who operate in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia. Among the individuals it sanctioned in Syria was British national Aqsa Mahmood, who is accused of recruiting three British schoolgirls in February to flee the United Kingdom to become wives of ISIS fighters.


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