New Israeli government harms foreign relations

Referring to Barack Obama’s interview with the Atlantic in which he admitted his administration’s failure to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict, the article said that, “despite Mr. Obama’s apparent acceptance of defeat, he is quietly talking to European governments about their plans to squeeze Israel harder. François Hollande, France’s president, wants a UN Security Council resolution to set a clear timetable for negotiations leading to the establishment of a Palestinian state. Mr. Obama has asked France not to pursue its initiative until a deal is signed with Iran curbing its nuclear program, which he hopes will be by the end of June. But he is not insisting that it be abandoned.”

The article goes on to say that, “the American administration lacks the stomach for more than one diplomatic crisis with Israel at a time. An accord with Iran will be followed by a showdown in Congress, where Israel’s many supporters will try to scupper the deal. In the meantime, the French are gathering support from Arab and European governments. The resolution is expected to call, among other things, for Jerusalem to serve as the capital of both Israel and Palestine.”

Although in the past the US has vetoed UN resolutions calling for a joint capital, Israel now fears that Obama is considering changing that practice and may in the future abstain on such votes.


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