New “Freedom Index” Rates Every Congressman Based on Constitution

Last November the voters gave Republicans majority control of the U.S. Senate while strengthening Republican control of the House of Representatives. Undoubtedly a major factor motivating voters was rejection of Obama’s big-government policies, as well as support for Republican rhetoric in opposition to those policies.


But now that the new (114th) Congress has  been in session for the better part of a year, we should ask ourselves if we haven’t already: How do the voting records of our U.S. representatives and senators thus far this year compare to last year’s campaign rhetoric? Do their votes reflect their rhetoric? Or do they say one thing to sound appealing to their constituents while doing something entirely different in Washington?


More importantly: Are they voting in accordance with the U.S. Constitution?


The New American’s first “Freedom Index” for the new Congress appears in our July 20 print edition and is also available here as a PDF. This index shows how every member of the U.S. House and Senate voted on 10 key issues such as executive action on immigration, Trade Promotion Authority, ObamaCare repeal (House only), and fracking (Senate only). For additional information about this index, please see the video at the end of this article.


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