Netanyahu nixed agreement with Palestinians that reached final stages

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu put the brakes on meetings between President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas three years ago just as they were about to reach an agreement, Peres said in an interview broadcast on Tuesday evening.

“We reached understandings on almost all of the points, and needed to do a summary,” Peres said, in a Channel 2 interview in which he discussed a series of meetings he held at the time with Abbas…

Read More: Peres: Netanyahu nixed agreement with Palestinians that reached final stages three years ago | JPost | Israel News

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No Responses to “Netanyahu nixed agreement with Palestinians that reached final stages”

  1. Richard Ansons

    Translated with Google
    Let’s be careful. All this search for divine blessing can actually be very selfish.
    We want to have “full belly”. “Bless me, Bless me.” Be first and not tail.
    Jesus showed us his Way. Impossible to follow for the flesh. The cross is also the end of us not only the forgiveness of our sins and a ticket to heaven.
    It’s one by one we can go in. In crowds, the whole nation, I do not believe it.
    Not my country anyway. But maybe the United States …

  2. William Cochran

    Exactly where is the US embassy building located. Hope it is not
    on the Temple Mount. Hope that Trump doesn’t influence the location
    and/or the style of the third Temple.

    • Hello William,
      The embassy, initially to be located on the current premises of the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem’s Arnona neighborhood, will expand on and near that site next year but will eventually move to new premises President Trump has said will be constructed, according to a statement issued by State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert.

      President Trump will have no influence on the location of the Temple or the style.

      • Richard Ansons

        Traduit avec Google
        Hello Doug,
        I guess Mr. Trump does not decide on his own “his” choices because there are advisers? Can he have the last word? I do not know. I doubt it but I can be wrong.
        Because one has the impression by reading the press and the comments that it is all alone to decide, which is false.
        What is said and going on behind the scenes will never please me.
        But there is an Eye and an Ear that probes everything and knows everything.
        And He does all things according to His will and” Ultimate Intention”(DeVern Fromke), does not He?
        And that is enough for me.