Nasrallah Admits Hezbollah No Match for Israel

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has admitted his terrorist group is incapable of defeating Israel on its own, in the latest illustration of how the Shia Islamist group is being overstretched by growing commitments throughout the Middle East.


In an interview with Syrian state TV last Monday, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Nasrallah explains that despite boasts by himself and other Hezbollah leaders about the group’s capabilities, it is incapable of mounting a war against Israel independently.


“Are we supposed to lie to our people and ourselves, saying that we are capable of launching a war against Israel, wiping it off the map, and liberating Palestine? Hezbollah is incapable of doing this all by itself,” Nasrallah told his interviewer, after being asked why Hezbollah is not using its “sophisticated weapons” to “open a new front” against the Jewish state.


“We have never made such claims. We are realistic,” he continued.


“We are facing a real force,” he added, in an unusual nod to the formidable adversary Hezbollah faces in the IDF.


Nasrallah emphasized, however, that unlike “others” – likely a reference to Arab states who have signed treaties or otherwise cooperate with Israel – Hezbollah’s inability to wipe Israel off the map “from the river to the sea” did not mean it would accept the Jewish state or end its hostility towards it.


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