Naftali Bennett heaps further criticism on Netanyahu

Education Minister Naftali Bennett issued a backhanded attack against Prime Minister Netanyahu on Sunday during a speech he delivered on Sunday to mark Jerusalem Day at a rally held a the Merkaza Harav Yeshiva.


Without specifically mentioning Netanyahu’s name, Bennett told his audience, “You can’t be for Israel in Hebrew and for establishing a Palestinian state in English. Only when we are united and determined will the world leave us alone. Until then, we will be (be implored) to divide Jerusalem again,”


Naftalli Bennett and Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Yair Sagi, Alex Kolomoisky)


Addressing the an international peace initiaitve which was held in Paris on Friday, Bennett said: “There are those, in Israel and abroad, who attach themselves to different Arab initiatives, according to which we would have to divide the land, divide Jerusalem and return to the 1967 lines. The world pressures and we think there is a need to appease them. On this evening, I say to those people: That will never happen. We all stand as a (bulwark) to ensure that our country is complete. We won’t stutter, we won’t be confused and we won’t zigzag.”


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