Muslims and Catholics: ‘We believe in the same God’

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In the woods of southern Indiana at a Catholic youth summer camp, teenagers prepared themselves to pray after a day of canoeing and rope courses. But these young people were not Catholics; they were Muslims.

In the summer of 2018, the Catholic Camp Rancho Framasa opened its cabins and mess hall to Muslim campers for a week. It was a gesture of hospitality that emerged from the camp’s Catholic identity and faith.

Jordan Denari Duffner is the author of “Finding Jesus Among Muslims: How Loving Islam Makes Me a Better Catholic.” She is currently studying for a doctorate in theology and religious studies at Georgetown University, where she focuses on Catholic-Muslim relations. (CNS photo/courtesy Jordan Denari Duffner)
But it might never have happened without an event the occurred more than 50 years before: the Second Vatican Council, when the Catholic Church, among other things, sought to forge a new, positive relationship with people of other faiths around the world.

Though previous church councils had mentioned Muslims (sometimes pejoratively referred to as “Saracens”) in passing, Vatican II was the first time a council spoke about Muslims in a concerted way.


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4 Responses to “Muslims and Catholics: ‘We believe in the same God’”

  1. Peter Adams

    Some Muslims may believe that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob exists, but Muslims and Catholics do not serve the same God/god. Even the Muslims Clerics will tell you that they do not serve the same god as the Christian’s God. And… mostly, Christians do NOT believe in or serve the Muslim god, Allah. Our Bibles are different, the message of love in the Christian Bible and the message of hate and violence in the Muslim Bible is very different, Christian’s believe in Jesus as their Messiah where Muslims believe the Mahdi is their Messiah. Christians and Muslims do not serve the same God/god.

  2. Donna roeder

    Are they delirious??? We do not believe in the same God-ours is a loving and forgiving God. Theirs is a violent and uncompassionate one. They had better read their Quran.

  3. Steve Bates

    This article is an insult to this site, it is complete ignorance. The Bible AND Qu’ran, both, do PROVE that “Allah” = Satan, NOT God (Yahweh)!….but the Pope IS working hard to merge the Catholic CULT with the cult of Islam, that is true….but Catholicism works as much against God as Islam does; so this is not a surprise.